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Stuck on what tie to wear with which shirt? Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind when updating your shirt and tie collection.

Wardrobe Staples

Generally, each shirt and tie wearing male should own a solid white shirt, along with either a pale blue or light grey as wardrobe staples. These basics are most versatile and very easy to match. They’re also appropriate for most dress codes, and are appropriate for almost any occasion.

Get Creative

How conservatively you dress is of course dictated by your working environment or the dress code of your special occasion. Although with today’s massive variety or patterned shirts it shouldn’t be a problem to find an updated alternative to your basics.

Whether striped, checkered, textured or plaid there is a tie out there to match your choice. However, as this is unfamiliar territory for a lot of guys, here are some fool proof guidelines

  • When coordinating your outfit always aim to stick to three colours. Anymore than three and your on your way to committing serious fashion faux pas. More than three colours should only be attempted, with caution, by the most advanced style gurus.
  • Striped shirts with striped ties ARE ok together as long as the stripes are not identical in size. Otherwise you could be in danger or blending into a barber pole.
  • Avoid, at all costs wearing matching patterns across the whole outfit. This means that a checkered shirt, tie and suit combo is a definitely not ok. If you’re combining a striped shirt and tie, then stick to a plain suit.
  • When choosing a tie to wear, keep in mind that one colour in your tie should match preferably your shirt, or if not, then definitely your suit.
  • Wearing solid coloured shirts with a matching solid coloured tie is slightly out-dated and is reminiscent of high-school formals. For a formal look, consider a matching tie that has textured medium to thick stripes.
  • If you’re going to venture down the polka-dot path, keep it very simple. Likewise with other unique or uncommon patterns. Looney Tunes characters, soccer balls and treble clefs are never appropriate and should be illegal.